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Carrara 6x4


Porcelain is made with a fine clay that is pressed under immense amounts of pressure and subjected to extremely high temperatures over long periods of time. This procedure removes almost all liquid from the clay and forms a finished product that is extremely dense, with low porosity and water absorption rate of less than 0.5%. These qualities along with a non-slip finish make porcelain an excellent choice for high traffic areas subject to stains, chemicals and harsh treatment such as swimming pools and outdoor areas.

We provide a distinctive, practical and beautiful landscape solutions. Whether your latest home project is a swimming pool (new or renovate), an outdoor entertaining area or a driveway that creates a stunning first impression be assured that Lifestile Pavers have carefully selected an extensive range of practical installation products for the tradesman or home handy man. Our range of pavers consists of an array of colours and sizes that will ensure a soothing blend with any landscape.

We have nine colours available - all coping is available in a *600x400x20mm pencil edge.

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